About Last Night… at the Katy Trail Cryo White Out Party

Handcrafted Cocktails, Cryo Facials, Reality Stars… Katy Trail Cryo Pulled Out All the Stops

Last night I attended the Katy Trail Cryo White Out Party. The event was hosted at The Stoneleigh hotel, located on the edge of Uptown. Guest gathered to raise money for The American Red Cross Hurricane Disaster Relief, learn about cryo treatments, shop with local vendors, sip on specialty cocktails and more. My favorite moments of the night were receiving a Mini-Cryo Glow facial, the liquid nitrogen Cryo Polar Punch and meeting Real Housewives of Dallas star, LeeAnne Locken!

Madisen and LeeAnne Locken.jpg

Katy Trail Cryo Polar Punch

Madisen Drinking Katy Trail Cryo Polar Punch.jpg

I’m not going to lie, I was nervous to receive the Mini-Cryo Glow facial. I hate the cold and I’ve seen the body cryo chambers that have temperatures in the negatives. Is it water, steam, or vapor that they are going to be blowing on my face?! However, I was convinced to give it a try and I do not regret it! The nitrogen vapor that had the perfect cool feeling on my skin and head. The professional technician explained all of the health and beauty benefits that result from cryotherapy.

Madisen Receiving a Cryro Facial.jpg

Katy Trail Cryo is a premier boutique cryotherapy spa that specializes in treatments ranging from NeuroSpa, facials, NormaTec, and whole body cryotherapy. The CryoSpa is located near Villa-O and Fernando’s (4514 Travis St Ste 116) in Uptown.

Not even a year old, the Katy Trail Cryo spa is beautiful!


The vendors at the Katy Trail Cryo party were:

Baì Antioxidant Infusion Drinks

Baì Beverage Vendors.jpg


Oscar Gutierrez with Kanju Interiors

Oscar Gutierrez with Kanju Interiors.jpg


Nora Restaurant and Bar

Nora Chef.jpg


Bird Bakery

Bird Bakery.jpg


TeKeño Artisanal Snacks

TeKeño Artisanal Snacks.jpg

TeKeño Artisanal Snacks


Stella & Dot and their holiday collection

Stella and Dot.jpg

Stella and Dot


The open bar was provided by Lashanda Marshall’s company, Marshall Arts Entertainment. They provide catering, wait staff and bartending services for all style of events.

Overall, Katy Trail Cryo is a company I plan to support and recommend to my friends and family. Your first Cryo Glow Facial is discounted at $25 (original $45)! Visit Katy Trail Cryo’s website to learn more about spa and their treatments. To learn more, visit Katy Trail Cryo’s website, here! I cannot wait to visit and get another Cryo Glow Facial.

Katy Trail Cryo .jpg


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