About Last Thursday Night… at the 2017 CultureMap Stylemaker Awards

3 Reasons Why CultureMap’s “Defining Decades of Style” Event Was One to Remember

I love CultureMap. They have been one of my favorite online sites to utilize for staying in-the-know for years now. On Thursday, October 26th, I attended the 4th Annual 2017 CultureMap Stylemaker Awards. The reveal party was hosted at the beautiful Tootsies, located in The Plaza At Preston Center. 

CultureMap Stylemaker Awards Attendees

Tootsies Upstairs.jpg

Here are my three reasons why CultureMap’s party was one to remember:

1. The Theme

With it being Halloween season, there is never not a good time to get dressed up. The “Defining Decades of Style” theme was focused on the ‘60s (Twiggy), ‘70s (Cher), ‘80s (Prince) and ‘90s (Kate Moss) decades. It gave guests the freedom to put their own spin on the time period of their choice. One of my favorite local DJs, DJ Blake Ward, was there playing music from those decades.

Madisen and Friends.jpg
2. Bar Arrangement

Rather than having one open bar, CultureMap had four unique bars, one for every decade with unique cocktails. The ‘60s +s ‘70s bar was located on the first level and the ‘80s + ‘90s bar was upstairs.

'60s Bar.jpg

'70s Bar.jpg

'80s Bar.jpg

'90s Bar.jpg

3. Interactive

My favorite booth at the Stylemaker Awards was The Truth Booth. A woman and man in bandanas told us our “fashion fortune.” The woman in the purple wig would read you based on your outfit, and the man in the hat would tell you about yourself based on your shoes.

The Truth Booth.jpg

There were many interactive elements of the event that I loved. Swoozies, party and gift shop located in The Plaza At Preston Center, had a pop-up booth with many products I’m obsessed with. I can’t wait to tell y’all about the gift I bought myself for my birthday pregame (hint: it’s in the picture). 

Swoozie's Pop-Up Booth.JPG

Smilebooth provided literally one of the best photobooths I have EVER used at a party. The lighting was spectacular and the guests received their photos immediately. After you take your picture, all you have to choose the pics you want and text them to yourself.

Madisen Reid

Benefit Cosmetics Boutique & Brow Bar had a table at the event and offered mini makeup sessions for attendees. The beauty bar is as located in The Plaza At Preston Center.

Visit culturemap.com and follow them on Insta to stay up-to-date on future events.


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