All About… Royal Blue Grocery in Highland Park Village

One of My Favorite Study and Work Sport in the Heart of Highland Park


I am always on the hunt for new study spots and coffee shops around Dallas. It’s not unusual for my friends to reach out and ask where they should try next. Located in Highland Park Village, this is a destination you’ll want to add to your list of places to visit.

Royal Blue Grocery.jpg

Royal Blue Grocery Coffee Shop

Initially, I didn’t know that Royal Blue Grocery was more than a grocery store. The market inside is absolutely adorable. They have everything from a floral station, locally sourced merchandise, produce and additional standard groceries.

Royal Blue Floral Desk.jpg

Royal Blue Grocery Flowers.jpg

Royal Blue Locally Sourced Products.jpg

Royal Blue Produce.jpg
Royal Blue Fruit.jpg

How can I forget, Royal Blue Grocery’s wine department is spectacular! Ranging from reds, whites, sparkling and more, you’ll definitely find what you’re looking for at in the Royal Blue Grocery liquor area.

Royal Blue Grocery Wines.jpg

There is a deli department where you can purchase meat. You can order sandwiches created with the fresh meat from the store.

Royal Blue Grocery Meat Section.jpg

I loved studying at Royal Blue. They have five areas that have a good amount of tables to snag.

The first area is outside. Tables wrap around the front of the store. The second is on the ground level across from the coffee bar.

Royal Blue Grocery Seating Area

The third is a nook that is accessible when going up the stairs

Royal Blue Grocery Seating Area

The third is in the balcony area, where I decided to work. The environment is relaxing and I (surprising) got a lot of work done in the few hours I was there.

Study Area 2.jpg

Royal Blue Grocery, in Highland Park Village, is the only location in Dallas. The other five markets are located in Austin. It is definitely more on the pricier side of the spectrum, though it’s a great one-stop shop and study site.

I 10/10 recommend Royal Blue Grocery as a new place for you to order a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and get work done.


Royal Blue Website

Royal Blue Instagram

Royal Blue Facebook

Royal Blue  Twitter

Here are more pictures from the charming Highland Park store, Royal Blue Grocery:

Royal Blue Grocery Aisle.jpg

Royal Blue Grocery Checkout.jpg

Royal Blue Grocery Highland Park Cookies.jpg

Study Area 4.jpg

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