All About… Whisk Crêpes Café in West Dallas

A Taste of France Right Here in West Dallas


I’m a sucker for a good crepe. So when my friend and food blogger, Kailey (@foodwithkailey)told me about Whisk Crêpes Cafè I couldn’t wait to give it a try. Located in West Dallas, just a few minutes from Trinity Groves, Whisk Crêpes Café is the place to go if you’re looking to try an authentic French crepe right on the other side of Downtown.

Whisk Crepes Cafe Chalk Board

October 6th, Whisk Crêpes Café hosted their 2nd Anniversary. The event lasted all day and they offered great $2 specials. Mimosas, French wine (white, red, rosé), French cider, Nutella crepes and butter-sugar crepes were all $2.

Madisen with Wine at Whisk Crepe Cafe

White Wine and Rose

The restaurant was crowded when I arrived, almost every seat was taken up. The staff was exceptionally friendly, patient, and knowledgeable of the menu. Whisk Crêpes Café had many options to choose from and the menu was separated by savory or sweet (which was extremely helpful for the indecisive, such as myself). They have specialty crepes and make-your-own options with an array of add-ins to choose from that range in price. Whisk Crêpes also serves caffeinated beverages and a diverse wine selection (yas). I will include pictures of the menus below.

Crowded Whisk Crepe Cafe

Whisk Crepe Cafe Register

Julien and Employee Making Crepes at Whisk Crepe Cafe

I decided on the chicken, bacon, mozzarella, Parmigiano, tomatoes, topped with basil cream, with a flour crepe ($11). Let me tell you, it did not disappoint!!

Madisen with Whisk Crepe

Madisen Cutting Whisk Crepe

For dessert, I chose the butter-sugar crepe. Unfortunately, I was so excited and started eating and ended up forgetting to snap a picture. Here is one I found on Whisk Crêpes Café’s Instagram account. Don’t let the plain exterior fool you, it’s the perfect sugar/butter combination inside.

Before heading out, I had the pleasure of meeting Whisk Crêpes Café’s owner and Frenchman, Julien Eelsen. He was so kind and it was evident that he has a true love and passion for his restaurant. Julien also gave me insight into his new restaurant that will be located in the new Legacy West Food Hall.

Madisen with Julien Eelsen, Whisk Crepe Cafe Owner

Whisk Crêpes Café is located in West Dallas, 1888 Sylvan Ave. Visit 7 days a week, Monday-Sunday, 8am – 10pm and try one of their delicious crepes and wines.


Here are more pictures from my first experience Whisk Crêpes Café:

Whisk Crêpes Café Menus.jpg

Whisk Crêpes Café Sweet Menu.jpg

Whisk Crepe Cafe Decor

Whisk Crêpes Café Specials Board.jpg

Whisk Crepe Cafe Register

Julien and Employee Making Crepes

Ali's Sweet Crepe

Whisk Crepe Cafe French Cider Chalk Board


Whisk Crêpes Café Website

Whisk Crêpes Café Instagram

Whisk Crêpes Café Facebook

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