All About… My Lone Star Box!

The Perfect Last Minute Christmas Gift for Anyone in Your Life (Including Yourself) That Gives Back


You may be asking, what exactly is a Lone Star Box…

My Lone Star Box is a company that was created by one of my dearest friends, Ali Quintero. She developed her business around giving back to the Texas community after seeing the devastating aftermath of hurricane Harvey. The concept of My Lone Star Box is to partner with businesses and organizations around Texas to offer her customers with products that are locally sourced and guaranteed for all to love.

One of my goals for my blog is to support local businesses (both small and big). It is truly an honor to be able to write about My Lone Star Box.

(To brag on Ali a little bit) she is truly one of the most caring, giving and authentic people in my life. Though she is a Miami native, Texas stole a piece of her heart. I had the pleasure of meeting Ali at SMU my sophomore year, and her freshman year, through mutual friends. When I started to develop my blog, she was my go-to plus one for events and one of my greatest cheerleaders. When she told me one day that she was launching a business, I was intrigued. Once she told me that it revolved around giving back AND beauty/fashion, I knew that My Lone Star Box was a true reflection of Ali and her heart.

Madisen Reid and Ali Quintero
Ali Quintero and Madisen Reid at the BAM Beauty Bar Grand Opening


I cannot wait to share with you my beautiful Lone Star Box. When I received it, it was like Christmas!

This is what the box looks like before and after opening.

Closed My Lone Star Box.JPG

Opened My Lone Star Box.JPG


The first thing inside is a map of Texas that pinpoints the cities where every single item inside of the box is from. The cities included are Amarillo, Austin, Corpus Christi, Dallas, El Paso, Frisco, Galveston, Houston, McKinney and San Antonio.

My Lone Star Box Product Map.JPG


Beautifully wrapped, the next thing that catches your eye is a pamphlet for Genesis Women’s Shelter & Support. Ali decided on Genesis to serve as the first non-profit for My Lone Star Box. A portion all of the proceeds made from the box will go to the organization. There is also a beautiful handwritten note, Ali’s business card, a certificate for Bird’s Bakery, as well as a coupon for the Dallas based cleaning-on-demand app, Modern Maids.

My Lone Star Box Just Opened.JPG

Genesis Women's Shelter Pamphlet.JPG

My Lone Star Box Paper Materials.JPG


Once unwrapping the paper, all of the gorgeous products lie!

Products Inside My Lone Star Box.JPG

The one product I was most excited about was my McCauley + Luck earrings! I have been friends with the owner of M+L for what feels like forever now and her statement earrings will always be my favorite. I have worn many of Stephy’s earrings in past blog posts. Inside every My Lone Star Box is a different and unique pair of earrings.

McCauley + Luck Earrings


From Frisco, there is the amazing Coconut Oil Body Cream and Lip Scrub from Urban Hydration. I have personally used the body cream and I love it.


Coconut Oil Body Cream

Coconut Oil Body Cream


Coconut Sugar Scrub 2.jpg

Coconut Sugar Scrub 1.jpg

Is it truly a holiday box without a Proper Letter Christmas ornament? It was wrapped in bubble wrap to ensure its safety.

Texas Christmas Ornament 1.JPG
Texas Christmas Ornament 2.JPG

The beauty product in the My Lone Star Box is a Susan Posnick Color Eye Define Line Shadow. Every box will come with a unique shade from the Susan Posnick Cosmetic collection. I received the Tourmaline/Aquamarine shadow stick. The side I have pictured is the liner side. On the other end is a soft shadow applicator.

Susan Posnick Colored Eye Define Eyeliner_Eyeshadow 1.JPG

Susan Posnick Colored Eye Define Eyeliner_Eyeshadow 2.JPG

How can I forget the delicious smelling Pomegranate Cider Candle? It smells like Christmas in a container (and I actually have it burning as I write this blog post). The mini holiday candle is from Linden Candle Co. in McKinney, Texas.

Pomegranate Cider Candle 2.jpg

Pomegranate Cider Candle 2-2.JPG

I hope that you are impressed with all of the products within My Lone Star Box as I am! The box is valued at $85… however, you can get a Lone Star Box for yourself or any loved one in your life for only $45.95! Check it out HERE.

The My Lone Star Box is offered while supplies last, so don’t miss out on the Holiday Box for this holiday season. I cannot wait to see the next box my friend, Ali, comes out with after the New Year!



Learn more about everything Lone Star here:




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