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I discovered that we have a Starbucks Reserve here in Dallas this past Monday! I loved it so much I ended up returning the next day. I’ve been wanting to visit a Reserve after finding out that there is a location in Plano and hearing nothing but amazing things about it. I posted about the Starbucks on my Instagram and Snapchat stories and was asked many questions about the location.

Let’s break this down. What is a Starbucks Reserve? It is a Starbucks that offers specialty coffee imported from small coffee farms around the world that aren’t offered at standard locations. You can find a Starbucks Reserve in 11 states and the District of Columbia. As well as British Columbia and Ontario. In Texas, there are three locations:  Austin, Plano and (bless) Dallas!

Starbucks also has roasteries in Seattle and Shanghai. They will be expanding to Milan, New York City, Tokyo and Chicago. What exactly are Starbucks Reserve Roasteries? They are defined as, “immersive, theatrical shrines to coffee passion, were Master Roasters ply their craft to coax perfectly flavorful expression from each of out small-lot coffees.” That sounds extremely dramatic, but I’m here for it.  

What sets the reserves apart from rostaries are that they the “offer a more intimate small-lot coffee experience… the perfect place to pick up Starbucks Reserve whole bean coffee… (and) enjoy a handcrafted Starbucks Reserve beverage.” Based on my multiple experiences visiting, this is a true statement.  

The Starbucks Reserve in Uptown is located off McKinney Ave and Olive. They opened their doors this summer and I can’t believe I haven’t visited until now. There is underground parking available (yay for no street parking) and the Starbucks employee can validate parking tickets when you order your drink. The Starbucks Reserve has a much open and luxurious layout and vibe compared to the standard Starbucks shops. It has table options for if you’re by yourself, with friends, or even studying/meeting up with a group. The one downside of the location is that there are limited tables with access to power outlets. Either make sure you go with charged devices, snag one of the tables with the booths near the wall, or keep an eye out for a spot to open up.

I really love the matte black cups with the gold lettering you get when you order a hot or cold drink off of the Reserve Menu. The merchandise available for purchase is also unique to the Reserve locations and you can purchase bags of the coffee beans used in making the unique drinks on the Reserve menu. One thing someone asked me, is if the drinks on the normal Starbucks menu are more expensive with it being a Reserve location. The answer is no. The standard drinks are the same price as if you purchased it at your neighborhood Starbucks.

Four items on the menu that are on my bucket list to try are:

  • The Affogato – vanilla ice cream, two shots of espresso, brown sugar and cinnamon
  • The Mocktails – Melrose (a.k.a a Manhattan), Emerald City Mule and more
  • Coffee Flight – Choose two to three brews to try
  • Cold brew float

I asked if the Starbucks Reserve provides alcohol and unfortunately, they don’t. However, this a great opportunity for me to explore other beverages besides my basic chai and matcha latte go-tos.

Check out the pictures I captured during my first initial visits to the Starbucks Reserve in Uptown! Now you know where I’ll be living it up and studying this Spring Semester.


Starbucks Reserve Bar

Starbucks Coffee Menu.jpg

Starbucks Reserve Coffee Menu.jpg

Starbucks Pastries.jpg


Starbucks Reserve Specialty Coffee.jpg

Starbucks Coffee Bar.jpg

Starbucks Reserve Coffee.jpg

Starbucks Reserve.jpg

Starbucks Nitro Cold Brew.jpg

Madisen's Study Area.jpg

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