All About… Uchiba Dallas


February Dallas Blogger Brunch

This past Sunday, I had the opportunity to officially visit the new Uptown restaurant, Uchiba! Opening their doors on January 31st, the modern Japanese restaurant is located directly above Uchi (right next to the Stoneleigh). Uchiba occupies the space that was once Top Knot. Uchi and Uchiba are one in the same, however, they will both offer unique experiences.

Fun Fact: In Japanese, ‘Uchi’ means house and ’Ba’ means bar.

When my friend Rhonda, founder of Dallas Blogger Brunch, announced that the February event would be hosted at Uchiba I couldn’t wait to try it out. I had such an amazing experience at the new restaurant and the food and atmosphere on the patio were amazing (so were the mimosas). Japanese food is my favorite, so my expectations were high.

On the brunch menu, I was able to try the:


Sticky Toffee Monkey Bread

Yokai Berry Salad

Miso Salmon Rice Bowl

I didn’t try the avocado toast, but I included a picture of it below anyway.

Every. Single. Thing I tried on the menu was SO fresh and delicious. The Miso Salmon Rice Bowl is an item that you probably wouldn’t expect on a traditional brunch menu, however, it was the perfect portion size and the salmon was impeccable.

Uchiba reserves the place on my list and favorite Japanese restaurant in the Uptown District!

Below you will see more of my amazing time at the new Japanese concept, Uchiba.

Table Spread 1.jpg

Table Spread 2.jpg

Uchiba Brunch Menu.jpg

Uchiba Sticky Toffee Monkey Bread.jpg

Avocado Toast.jpg

Yokai Berry Salad.jpg

Miso Salmon Rice Bowl.jpg

Inside Uchiba.jpg

Inside Uchiba-2.jpg

Inside Uchiba-3.jpg

Madisen and Friends.JPG

Madisen and Kerri at Uchiba.JPG

Madisen and Rhonda at Uchiba.jpg


Bumble Dallas is hosting a VIP Happy Hour tomorrow, Friday the 9th, at Uchiba! RSVP here!

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