About Last Night… at Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar, Round 2


I had the wonderful opportunity of being invited back to Lazy Dog Restaurant and Bar to try selections from their Spring menu. I was last invited to the Addison location in late February to try some items and get a taste of the Lazy Dog experience. I had the best time at the restaurant and couldn’t wait to return! Luckily, the chance came when I was invited to the Spring menu release media dinner.

I have to admit… I’ve been a bad blogger these past few weeks. It feels like school has occupied all of my time leading up to graduation, I promised myself when I started About Last Night, Dallas is that I would make the times to dedicate to my blog. I am a strong believer in that it is possible to make time for what you want to make time for. I promise to more diligent in producing content!

I say all that because there are times when things get extremely busy, like this week, and my schedule can get mixed up slightly. That exact thing happened yesterday! I showed up at Lazy Dog with my friend Kerri, a fellow blogger, at 6 p.m. for the media dinner… it turned out, the media dinner was the following Wednesday, April 4th!!!

My mixup ended up being an amazing thing! We were able to have a pre-media dinner sneak peek and the Assistant General Manager, Dustin, selected appetizers, entrees, dessert and cocktail items of the Spring and standard menu.




Cocktails - Lazy Dog

Cocktails - Lazy Dog-2.JPG

Rosé Elderflower Punch: Deep Eddy Grapefruit Vodka, Acacia Rosé, St. Germaine, Grapefruit Juice, Sugar Cane, Elderflower Foam

Huckleberry Mule: Born & Bred American Craft Vodka, Ginger Beer, Huckleberry Purée, Lemon, Soda

Watermelon Margarita - Lazy Dog-2.JPG

Watermelon Margarita - Lazy Dog.JPG

Watermelon Margarita • Seasonal: Lanazul Reposadotequila, Fresh Watermelon, Salted Rim




Street Corn Wheel - Lazy Dog.JPG

Street Corn Wheels • Spring Menu: Grilled with Lime, Garlic, Queso Blanco, Tajin, Cilantro


Charred Onion Dip - Lazy Dog.JPG

Charred Onion Dip • Seasonal



Burrata + Heirloom Tomato Crisp - Lazy Dog.JPG

Burrata + Heirloom Tomato Crisp • Spring Menu: Pomodoro Sauce, Pesto, Creamy Burrata Cheese, Parmesan, Romano, Balsamic Reduction, Chili Oil, Fresh Basil

Grilled Lemon Chicken - Lazy Dog.JPG
Grilled Lemon Chicken • Spring Menu: Marinated + Grilled Boneless Chicken Breasts, Cauliflower Mash, Sautéed Green Beans, Heirloom Tomatoes, Almond-Walnut Crumble, Tahini Sauce on the Side

Fried Chicken Sandwich - Lazy Dog.JPG

Fried Chicken Sandwich - Lazy Dog-2.JPG

Fried Chicken Sandwich: Hand-dipped buttermilk boneless chicken breast, housebound honey mustard, pickle slaw, tomato. brioche-style bun

BBQ Veggie Burger - Lazy Dog.JPG

BBQ Veggie Burger - Lazy Dog-2.JPG

BBQ Veggie Burger: Made with Black Beans, Ancient Grains + Vegetables, Topped with Roasted Garlic. Paired with Sweet Potato Tots



Peach Raspberry Hand Pie - Lazy Dog.JPG

Peach Raspberry Hand Pie • Spring Menu: Cinnamon + Sugar, Salted Carmel Sauce, Served Warm with a Scoop of Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

Lemon Cake - Lazy Dog.JPG

Lemon Cake – Gluten Sensitive • Spring Menu: Lemon Buttercream, Almond Flour Vanilla Cake, Huckleberry, Lemon Curd, Whipped Cream



Overall, I had another amazing time hosted again at Lazy Dog Restaurant! Though the location I visited is in Addison, it’s not a bad drive at all and 10/10 worth it. The cherry-on-top of the experience is the A-class, top-notch, customer service you receive from the moment you walk into the front door, all the way until you pay your bill. Everyone is knowledgeable about the menu, dedicated to assisting in making your time there exceptional and it’s noticeable that they all love where they work.

If Lazy Dog isn’t on your list of restaurants and bars to try, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and at them to the top of your list! You won’t be disappointed.



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