All About… My SMU Graduation Photos

Cheers to Southern Methodist University!

Finally, the craziness of graduation finally dying down and transition to the next phase of life is slowly starting to begin.

My time at SMU was full of moments, friendships and accomplishments that I will carry with me for the rest of my lift. The relationships I have fostered with faculty and staff have allowed me to gain mentors and view my career from a macro point-of-view and stay positive for what lies ahead. The friendships I have created with peers from all areas of SMU have allowed me to create memories that will last a lifetime and moments that shaped my college career. The ability to attend an institution like SMU has prepared me more than I could imagine to start and foster a successful career in public relations and communications.

Forever thankful for my amazing family, SMU, the Corporate Communications and Public Affairs Department and Meadows School of the Arts.


In order to capture my final week at SMU, I took senior pictures with Mollie Mayfield of MollieRue Productions. When it comes to photos, I am very particular about what I like and how I want my pictures to look like (Type A problems). Working with Mollie was an overall enjoyable, professional and fun experience. It was easy for me to let go and let her take creative direction and thank God I did because I am in love with my all of photos!

I look forward to working with Mollie in the future for blog shoots and other photography needs. When it comes to referrals, I strive to be honest and only endorse brands, companies and services that I believe in and support. If you are looking for a photographer for personal photos, headshots, family shoots, maternity, wedding, engagement, etc., Mollie is your girl!

Here are some of my top favorite SMU senior pics from my shoot last week:





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