About Last Night… at the Orangetheory Fitness Victory Park Dallas Influencer Preview Event

My Honest Thoughts on My First Time at Orangetheory Fitness!

I was invited to the influencer event at the new Orangetherory Fitness studio in Victory Park leading up to their official grand opening on August 3rd! Last night was my first experience at any of the locations and I must admit, it was an overall amazing workout in their gorgeous new studio. Which is located off Victory Avenue within the new apartment complex The 23! They’re close parking lots within the apartment complex and the garage a block away.

I consider myself as someone who likes to workout and break a good sweat. I’ve been to a few of the fitness studios in Dallas and was a member of the Lifetime Fitness gym in Mockingbird Station for almost a year. Since finals, graduation and starting work, working out hasn’t been as much of a priority I want it to be. So when I was invited to the influencer event at Orangetheory, I took it as a sign to finally get back into fitness.

I walked into the Orangetheory with an open mind. Honestly, I was nervous knowing it was going to be a high-intensity workout. Before the class started we were all given monitor bands to strap around our chest to calculate our average heart rate, zone, calories burned splat points and more throughout the workout. What I loved about the tracking is that you can see your stats as you’re working out, perfect for those like me who like to challenge and compete against myself. Immediate after your class, you get an email from the studio with your results and a bracket calculating your workouts over time.

 I signed up to start on the treadmill to get the “hard” part out of the way. Oh, I was fooled! There is no “easy” part of an Orangetheory workout. Whether I was on the treadmill or doing the floor exercises I was constantly challenged. However, that’s exactly what I look for in a one hour, high-intensity, full body workout. I don’t go to a gym or attend a class to have it easy and not feel the burn afterward.

Our instructor, Rico, was a awesome! He had a great playlist, provided clear instructions, pushed me when I needed to be pushed, encouraged me when I needed encouragement and assisted with my form during the floor portion of the class

Orangetheory Victory Park created a memorable experience beyond the workout. Post-workout we were treated to Cyro facials, gift bags from Tory Burch Sport, The 23 gave out information on the complex, Buda Juice samples, Swell water bottles and more.

Friday (August 3rd)  is the last day to take advantage of Orangetheory Victory Park’s discount membership pricing! The class level Basic is $79 for 4 classes a month (each additional class is $18)., Elite is $109 for 8 classes a month (each additional class is $18) and the Premier is $169 for unlimited classes. Rate return back to normal after the deadline. You can visit their website for an overview of their class schedules.


Madisen Reid Infront of Orangetheory Victory ParkJPG

Orangetheory Fitness Victory Park Front of the Building.JPG

Orangetheory Fitness Victory Park Influencer Welcome Sign.JPG

Orangetheory Fitness Victory Park Merchandise.JPG

Orangetheory Fitness Victory Park Row Machines and Treadmills.JPG

Orangetheory Fitness Victory Park Equipment.JPG

Orangetheory Fitness Victory Park Madisen and Trainer Rico.JPG

Madisen Reid Lunging at Orangetheory Fitness Victory Park.JPG



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