All About… The 3 Things I Wish I Knew Before Moving Across the Country

From Dallas to DC… One Month Later


The three things that are currently blowing my mind are:

  1. It’s officially October and I have no idea where 2018 has gone
  2. I’ve been living in the DMV for a month
  3. How much I’ve learned since the move


I know, I know, it’s been a minute since I’ve last blogged. I can’t lie, I’ve been hit with major writer’s block since I’ve gotten to DC and have been struggling to find inspiration. But hey, you know what they say – you have to start somewhere and it’s time for me to get back at it.

Getting used to a “new normal” has been an experience (to say the least.) From not having my car, starting a new job and living in a different part of the country has come with its lessons. I have been blessed with family support, amazing advice from friends and some knowledge of DC to make the adjustment period go smoother than it could have been. However, there’s always an array of things that can’t fully be prepped for until it’s actually experienced.

As I brainstormed content I wanted to craft up and share with y’all, I remembered a goal that I set for myself before I moved. To share more lifestyle posts about my life, also because it’s something that people have asked more of. In attempts to follow through with my personal promise to myself and get back into consistently blogging, especially with my one-year blogiversary arrives on October 19th!

One topic that’s on my list to share is a few of the things I’ve learned since boarding the Southwest Airlines flight with a one-way ticket to DC. Rather than sharing just the basic things, I want to focus specifically on five things that I wish I knew before touching down at DCA.

Madisen Reid_DC Capitol 2

+  +  +

  1. Loneliness Is Real

I’m a person that doesn’t get lonely easily. I do a great job of keeping myself busy and finding things to do. However, a week after I moved and everything started to settle, that is when I fully processed that this is home now. For a long while, I had the feeling that I was visiting on a long-term trip rather than living. Being miles away from my family, friends and everything I knew started to take a toll. Even when I tried to fill the time with solo trips exploring the district on the weekends, the loneliness feeling remained. It was when I needed to find things that I wholeheartedly care about is when the feelings of loneliness finally trickled away.

Things that I started investing my time into are:

  • Books and podcasts  
  • Identifying organizations in the city that I would be interested in joining. My goal was to identify a social, philanthropic and professional organizations
  • Taking the time to truly explore  and learning about DC

+ + +

2. Pursue Things That Allow You to Grow

Without a doubt, I am a creature of habit. Getting out of my comfort zone and finding ways to expand my norm isn’t at the top of my list. Living in a new city in a new part of the country leaves me with zero excuses as to why I can’t actively search things that push me towards new experiences. Especially in a city like DC, there is so much to do and see. Starting off small is my main objective, I’m not talking skydiving or anything.

Ways I have started  taking baby steps to achieve personal growth:

  • Practicing (legit) consistency – reading a book or more a month, reaching out to friends I haven’t spoken to in a while, etc.
  • Search for educational and cultural experiences in the city that are out of my realm of knowledge
  • Taking myself on “dates” – dinner, a movie, a bookstore, etc. (a.k.a self-love)

+ + +

3. Patience Puts Things in Perspective

As a type A planner, constantly reminding myself that adjusting to anything new will take time, not overnight. I would find myself getting stressed when thinking about making friends, finding new hobbies, getting my blog back to where it was when I was in Dallas, etc. Understanding the power of time, as well as patience, has helped keep me sane and open-minded.

+ + +

If you have been in my place before, I want to hear from you! Drop me a comment before, shoot me an email ( or reach out on Instagram.

Madisen Reid_DC Capitol 3




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