All About… An Honest Teeth Whitening Review

Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening Kit + Giveaway

Happy New Year! 2019 is finally here and a majority of us are returning to swing of everyday routine. One thing I’m not leaving in 2018 is my teeth whitening kit.


I am a teeth person – so for me, having white teeth is something I’ve always strived to have. I have tried many methods from whitening strips to toothpaste. Don’t get me wrong, both of those methods have worked for me, however, the results were far from long term.


With all of the coffee and tea I drink on a weekly basis, I needed something that was easy and can get the job done. Literally as easy as one, two, three, Smile Brilliant showed me that it is possible to get white teeth in an easy way that doesn’t damage my teeth.


When I say easy – I mean it. The process starts off with a quick survey that asks about the history of your teeth. Then the kit that will best fit your teeth is sent to you – containing all of the materials you will need from beginning to end of your Smile Brilliant teeth whitening experience. Even the return package for the molds is included, addressed and ready to be sent back for the trays to be made.


The kit at first was slightly intimidating containing the trays, puddy for the molds, syringes for the whitening gel, desensitizing gel and more. After I read through the instructions I couldn’t wait to dive into all of the materials. Smile Brilliant wasted no time and I received my custom fitted trays in a week!


My first time using the whitening kit, it was definitely more simple than I thought. It was easy to incorporate into my nightly routine and I immediately noticed results after my first use, especially the morning after. I was nervous and only left the trays in my mouth for the minimum time instructed.  

I started by using the trays every night, however, after day three, I decided to cut back my use to every other day because I personally felt the product was working so well. I even received compliments on the whiteness of my teeth!

November 2018


January 2019


Honestly, I cannot say enough positive things about the product, I’m deciding to partner with Smile Brilliant to giveaway a $149 Smile Brilliant credit for a free teeth whitening kit for one of my followers, HERE!

The giveaway ends in one week.

New Year, new smile! Use my code allaboutlastnightblog15  to receive 15% off the purchase of your Smile Brilliant kit! You deserve it and you won’t be disappointed with the results, even if you’re prone to sensitivity!


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